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sometimes sassy

often frazzled

native kentuckian

temporary hoosier

grad student/aspiring sociologist



25 other random things

1. i am addicted to icanhascheezburger.com. i check for new kitties every few hours (unless i’m sleeping).

2. i can pretty much sleep anywhere and through anything. i fell asleep at the indy 500 a couple years ago. i think i get that from my dad. my mom loves to tell a story about him sleeping through a tree falling through the roof of their house.

3. i have a double earlobe on my left ear.

4. i have a short, squatty thumb on my right hand.

5. until last summer i refused to ride roller coasters. but i beat my fear by jumping out 5 in one day.

6. today is the best day i’ve had since june 7, 2008. things are finally getting sorted out nearly 8 months later.

7. now that things are getting sorted out, we are planning a trip to vegas for spring break.

8. speaking of june 7, 2008, the house i’d owned for only 2 days was flooded on that day.

9. i have been rescued by a boat (see #7).

10. i have a little brother serving in iraq right now.

11. i am teaching for the first time this semester, and i love it.

12. i joined a gym with the hubs at the beginning of the year, and i am happy to say that i am thoroughly enjoying our exercise routine.

13. the hubs and i will be celebrating our 6th anniversary on may 17, 2009.

14. we shared our first kiss almost 10 years ago.

15. my favorite coffee is starbucks sumatra.

16. i could eat sushi every day.

17. in fact, i’m going to have sushi tonight.

18. my first job was at mcdonald’s, and it was terrible. on my last day the boys i worked with picked me up and put me in the sink. don’t worry. i didn’t bathe in it.

19. i love to laugh. and nobody makes me laugh more than my hubs.

20. i didn’t really read much when i was growing up. my older sister was a bookworm, and i liked to be different. i regret that now. i love reading, and i hate that i don’t have more time to read (non-academic material, i mean).

21. if the sociology thing falls through, my backup plan is to split my time between running my pumpkin patch and working as a doula.

22. i have driven a street sweeper.

23. i took a year off school during my undergrad days and worked in a jewelry store.

24. i have a not-so-healthy fear of needles. as in, i recently almost passed out at the thought of a baby needle going into my vein.

25. my favorite color is green. purple is a close second.


Written by Lisa

January 27, 2009 at 1:26 pm

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