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Time flies, but life sure is good.

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Oh, Sunday night. We meet again. And as usual, I am not ready for you to turn into Monday morning. But so goes life.

And really, life is good. I’ve had two great weekends in a row. Last weekend we went to Conner Prairie, an “interactive history park” on the northside of Indianapolis. It’s set up mostly for kids, and it wasn’t the most fun ever. But we did get to ride in a hot air balloon, which was really cool. Plus it was just nice to be outside in the beautiful sunny, warm weather that will be gone before we know it.

Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie

We also went to the Indianapolis Colts’ opening game, which they won! The new stadium is so cool. And the weather was perfect.

Lucas Oil Stadium, Home of the Colts

Lucas Oil Stadium, Home of the Colts

This weekend we have mostly just relaxed at home. We went to the Fountain Square Art Fair yesterday, though. Aside from a small photograph we bought in Maine on our honeymoon in 2003, we have not bought original art. We like to decorate with our own photography. But it’s always fun to look. It’s interesting to see other people’s ideas of beauty and interestingness and creativity. I am not very artsy, so I am always really impressed with how innovative other people are. Anyway, yesterday we made an exception to our no-buying rule. We came across the booth of Steven Keller. We were in awe of all of his paintings. To both of us, they stood head and shoulders above everyone else’s art pieces. And many of them were not just beautiful, but also funny and clever – playing on words and phrases as inspiration. One painting stood out more than the others, though. It was a painting of our street with our apartment building and the Indiana State House. It was so precise. It almost looked like a photograph. We were both blown away by it. We continued on to look at other booths but ended up back at Mr. Keller’s. We found a print of the painting, and it was nice, but it just didn’t do the painting justice. So we decided to buy the original. We hung it on the wall as soon as we got home. It is perfect. It represents very literally our home – the building and the city. This place that is really the first that has ever really felt like home to us. And it represents our fresh start after the flood. This is our starting over place, and it has been so amazing that I think it will always hold a very special place in our hearts and memories. That’s really what the painting symbolizes for me.

Anyway, in between these two weekends I didn’t get quite as much work done as I would’ve liked to because I went down to KY to visit my family for a couple days. I made a trip down there to help out after my mom had her gall-bladder removed, and luckily she was feeling well enough to hang out with the rest of us. It was great to catch up with them. I spent most of my time with my niece, who’s about two and a half years old. She is smart and sassy and funny and so imaginative. I love spending time with her.


Written by Lisa

September 20, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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