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Mexican Forks

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I’ve told you before that Adobo Grill is good stuff. But we found out recently that it’s super-good stuff. They serve dollar tacos and half-price margaritas on Thursdays. The margarita special goes all night, but the tacos are only from 4-6pm. So we decided to check it out today when Jon got off work. It was all very tasty – especially for a grand total of $13 (one margarita, one diet, chips and salsa, and six tacos). But…there’s always a but, right?

I have a couple of complaints.

First of all, you have to sit at the bar or in the upstairs lounge. Not a big deal. I understand it. But perhaps you could tell us that when we come in instead of showing us to a table and then waiting until we ask about the taco special to tell us we have to move if we want to take advantage of it. Were we supposed to just know that somehow?

Second, we’re so cheap we don’t even get silverware?! You came up with the special. We’re just taking advantage of it. If you don’t want people to order dollar tacos, don’t offer them! We had our drinks, we had our chips and salsa, and we had no napkins or silverware. I figured they just forgot and would bring them with the tacos. The tacos came. No silverware. No napkins. He comes back to check on us, and we ask for forks and napkins. We get napkins. No forks. Come on people! These tacos are filled nicely, so we’re obviously going to lose a bit to the plate. We improvised with chips. Jon called them “Mexican forks.”

I was pretty annoyed. There are certain basic things you expect when you go out to eat, and silverware is one of them.

However, we’ll probably go back. It was all really yummy. I think we’ll just be a bit more insistent about the silverware.


Written by Lisa

September 10, 2009 at 10:42 pm

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