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We are out of just about everything that is even semi-appropriate for breakfast food. So I went out for bagels this morning while Jon was in the shower. The sun had just come up, the temperature was perfect, and it was nice to be out when the streets are busy with people heading to work. On my way back home I was thinking about how much I like fast-walking. Slow-walking certainly has its place, but not when you’re trying to get somewhere. If I have a real destination and I’m not just out walking, I like to walk like I’m on a mission. And I want other people to do the same. Thinking about this must have jinxed me because I got stuck behind three of the slowest walkers, and of course, they were taking up the entire sidewalk. So I have to slow down and match their pace until I can get to an intersection. So annoying. Anyway, I just saw over at Stats Made Easy that fast-walkers live longer than slow-walkers – apparently as many as 15 years longer. Pretty cool. Of course, Mark gives us the disclaimer that any good statistician would that good health may be driving both the ability to walk fast and the increased longevity.


Written by Lisa

September 3, 2009 at 1:20 pm

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