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A pregnant woman’s rights get stomped on…again.

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So my main area of interest within Sociology is the family. And one of the more specific things that interests me is the government’s involvement in family life. In a lot of ways the government interferes with parents’ decisions about how to raise their children. There’s always controversy over where exactly to draw the line between the interests of the child and parents’ rights. Decisions about medical care for children seem to drum up the most debate. A lot of times when I hear about cases in the news about challenges to parents’ authority in making decisions for their children’s medical care, I fall on the side of greater government involvement. But not when it comes to doctors trying to protect the health of an unborn child by forcing women to put themselves at risk from having a major surgery. Apparently a woman in New Jersey refused to have a cesarean, was able to deliver the baby vaginally, and then had the child taken away because her refusal was equated to child abuse. No way is it okay for a person to be bullied into putting her life on the line for someone else, regardless of who that person is. And no way is it okay for a woman who refuses a cesarean be charged with murder when her child is stillborn, which is what happened to a woman in Utah a few years ago. After these cases, how many women will feel compelled to go along with a surgery that they feel is unnecessary out of fear of being named a child abuser, or worse yet, a murderer! This is just maddening. Anyway, learn more about this issue from the National Advocates for Pregnant Women.


Written by Lisa

July 29, 2009 at 1:10 am

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