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My Aunt Nancy, my dad’s older sister, passed away yesterday. She had been sick for some time with congestive heart failure. I haven’t seen my Aunt Nancy in years – not since my grandfather passed away. Although she’s maintained ties with some of my extended family, the members of my immediate family have been pretty distant from her for a long time. Nancy had a lot of problems with substance abuse and depression over the years, and it led to a lot of conflict between her and my parents and also between her and her daughter. So I haven’t really known her since I was a young girl, and even then I’m not sure that I really knew her. But still it’s sad to hear that she’s gone. I always hoped that she would be able to rebuild the bridges she had burned and mend relationships with family members – especially her daughter and grandchildren. There was a Nancy once that was worth knowing. I wish that she could have found that Nancy again and had time to share herself with others.

I remember swimming at her house, visiting her at the consignment shop she ran, hearing stories of her jumping on chairs at the thought of a mouse in her house, and watching her laugh hysterically after everyone played a prank on her at Christmas one year. I remember her peach bathroom that seemed too pretty to use. I remember how she always smelled like too much perfume and always wore too much makeup and jewelry. She was always too fancy for Cloverport, Kentucky.


Written by Lisa

July 28, 2009 at 1:32 pm

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