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Am I a snob?

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So this video of a lady asking Representative Mike Castle about President Obama’s birth certificate has been making the rounds. I saw a clip the other day but just now viewed the longer version. It is a disaster. Apparently she is what is being called a “Birther.” I had not heard this term before, and originally I thought it was based on the fact that she and others are making Obama’s birthplace an issue. They don’t believe that he was actually born in Hawaii but Kenya instead. According to the Birthers’ website, it’s more than that, though. They are “dedicated to the rebirth of our Constitutional Republic” and at least provide links to and brief comments on other issues that they have beefs with. But it seems the main focus is on Obama’s citizenship.*

Anyway, they’re apparently causing such a stir that Roland Martin is chalking up their conspiracy theorizing to mental illness. While I agree with him that the video is “utterly hilarious,” I think he’s way out of line referring to these folks as nutty, nut jobs, wacky, delusional, loony, and wackos. He says this is evidence that we have a “serious problem with mental illness in this country.” While I don’t disagree with that statement, it does not help the problem to trivialize mental illness by throwing around these demeaning terms so loosely, inaccurately, and in jest. Perhaps I am being too sensitive.

Okay, that was a side note. The real point I wanted to make is that I went to the Birthers’ website, aside from being appalled by their silly, irresponsible claims that they try to pass off as patriotic, all I could focus on was their terrible spelling and grammar! They have to know that most people aren’t going to take them seriously regardless of their writing skills, and maybe that’s why they don’t care about it, but come on! Can’t you at least spell the president’s name correctly? Can’t you at least decide whether you’re the “Birthers” or the “Birther’s”? I can’t even entertain the idea of taking you seriously if you aren’t going to do some simple editing.

So, yeah, I feel like a bit of a snob. And it’s probably a bit unfair because I’m not exactly perfect. But I’m also not trying to win people over for my cause. If I were I would be sure not to let them get distracted with thoughts that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m not smart enough to pass high school English.

*By the way, if you’re not a “Birther,” you’re an “O-borter,” or someone who wants to “abort the fabric that has held America together, the Constitution of the United States of America.” Clever, huh?


Written by Lisa

July 22, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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