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I am my own boss.

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I get distracted easily. I know it’s a problem. But I’m trying to work on it. My newest idea is to be more of a boss to myself. I made a time sheet for myself this week. I used a dry-erase board that I’m keeping right beside my desk. I clocked in and out of work. And for the most part, I stayed true to it. I refrained from checking personal email and Facebook and the news during the times that I was clocked in. I like it. It’s definitely a reality check. I waste some serious amounts of time. I should really not be taking two-hour-long lunch breaks. But that was this week. Next week I can start all over and do better. And especially since I slacked off today, tomorrow might have to be the beginning of next week.

"Time sheet"

"Time sheet"


Written by Lisa

June 26, 2009 at 10:06 pm

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