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Holy Camoly!

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Friday nights are not for cooking. But we’re trying to cut down on going out for meals. A frozen pizza is a great compromise. Our favorite brand of frozen pizza is California Pizza Kitchen. They’re much lighter than others we’ve tried, which is good because once you start eating a pizza you can’t really stop until it’s gone – no matter how big or how thick of a crust or how many toppings. Or, at least, we can’t.

Anyway, I preheat the oven last night, pop open the box, and here’s what I saw:

An incomplete pizza!

An incomplete pizza!

Where’s the sauce, CPK? Where’s the cheese? How in the world does this make it into a box and into my home?


I want my money back!

And maybe some coupons too so I can try my luck again, which I will because this pizza is so good. I’ll assume it was a fluke, CPK. No worries. 🙂


Written by Lisa

June 20, 2009 at 7:34 pm

Posted in Food

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