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National Man Day was yesterday, and I missed it. I guess I’ll go give the hubby some happy belated wishes, a beer, and a footrub. Right after I go rent him some great man movies to watch, of course.

And yes, you are sensing a dash of sarcasm.

Seriously? A man day? And why, pray tell, do we need one of those?

Well, apparently, men have been too bogged down with their responsibilities lately to be able to enjoy doing “manly stuff.” So some Hoosier brothers decided to designate a day for men to shirk those responsibilities and reinforce some stereotypes about what it means to have a penis.

So what is being manly all about? Well, the brothers suggest some ways to celebrate: “drink a beer, eat an 18-ounce steak and watch all the Rambo movies back-to-back from a new recliner where you can scratch yourself in manly places.”

And here’s their description of the “holiday” from their Facebook group’s page:

This day is the day for all men to stand up and say, “Yes, I am a Man.” And “Yes, I will step up and do manly things and whatever I want to do on this glorious day!”
Come, make history! Be a part of National Man day. Take the world by the throat and tell them it’s ok to watch Rocky movies all day. Tell them it’s fine if you sit in your favorite chair and scratch yourself. Tell them it’s normal to go shoot stuff or blow something up. Why? Because YOU ARE A MAN!!!
You aren’t some nancy that likes to frolic in the fields, unless it’s a field of mines and you have an AK47 and a hand full of grenades… Then you really are a man!
Yes on this day, men across the nation will be saying, “Screw you salad bar, with your salad and light dressings!” Men will step up and say, “I’ll take that 20 oz steak, and yes, I’ll eat it all. Because I’m a man!”
I’m not asking you to throw some sissy party, or to go buy a new power tie because you’re a man. All I’m asking you to do is step up live this day like a man would. Blow something up, shoot some animal, punch your buddy in the face for no reason, be a good father, play football and literally knock someone’s head off… Do something manly. Be a man like God intended you to be…
Take this day and celebrate your manhood!

The folks in their Facebook group shared their own ways of celebrating. Here are some:

  • my breakfast this morning was beef jerky and hotsauce.
  • i just had 3 steaks and 2 baked potatoes. now i’m going to hit the free weights. thanks man day.
  • i drank beer, fucked bitches and blew shit up.. good job men!
  • I rolled off and fell asleep
  • I just chopped down a tree with an axe when I could have used a chainsaw and caught a live boar. No bullshit.
  • I chased down and ate a wild boar. I then admired my guns and poked fun at women.

Here’s my favorite:

  • I cooked and cleaned. I’m redefining what makes a man a man!



Written by Lisa

June 17, 2009 at 1:57 am

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