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I passed the test!

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A couple days ago I had a breakthrough with my running. I ran 3 miles straight with no shin pain. I finally felt like this was going to be the time that I would be able to stick with it.

But I had a real concern about whether or not I would be able to run outside. I thought maybe the hard sidewalk would bring back the shin pain. I thought maybe I wouldn’t pace myself well, run too fast, and then be out of breath after a mile. But, I figured if I’m going to run a 5K next month, I’ve got to give it a shot. I told myself that if it doesn’t go well, I can at least walk the 5K.

I woke up with really sore feet yesterday morning, but as the day progressed they got much better. So yesterday I rested. And then today I woke up feeling great. It was sunny but not too warm out this morning, so after Jon went to work, I suited up and went out.

I ran. And I ran. And I ran some more. My breathing was fine. My shins weren’t hurting. I just kept going. I went north for awhile and then headed east. My legs started to get a little sore so I headed south again toward home. I didn’t have a watch on, and I didn’t really know how to estimate how far I was running. I figured for my first real run outside I shouldn’t worry about that, though. It was really just a test to see if I could handle it. I could figure out the distance later.

I made it back home and other than being a little tuckered out, I felt great! I must have gotten over some hump with this shin issue. They seem to be in fine working order now – even on concrete. Big relief.

So to figure out how far I ran, I used mapmyrun.com. Awesome website.

I mapped the route that I took, and it ended up being 3.19 miles! I was shocked that I ran so far. This 5K is going to be a breeze.

Here’s a link to my route today.


Written by Lisa

May 29, 2009 at 3:47 pm

Posted in Activities, Indianapolis

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  1. Hi there, I found your post while tag surfing. Congratulations on your run and good luck with the 5k!


    May 29, 2009 at 4:39 pm

  2. Thanks, Lisa!


    May 29, 2009 at 4:59 pm

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