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My Memorial Day Weekend in Indy

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I went to my first ever “real” parade last weekend. When I was a kid we sometimes went to the Sacajawea Festival parade. All I really remember about it was there was lots of candy being thrown for the kids, and there was a dog that rode on a donkey’s back. I think one year I may have gone to another parade in the county because my little brother was in the marching band. But outside of that, I’d never really been to parades.

So this weekend we went to the Indy 500 parade. It’s a big deal in Indy. They set up bleachers on the streets a few weeks ago, and downtown pretty much shuts down for the majority of the day. The best thing about it was that we left our apartment at about 11:30 when it started at noon. We walked about a block and got a great spot to see everything. I even had time to run back for some hats and sunscreen when we realized it was sunnier than we originally thought.

It felt like what I imagine the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade would be like. People were lining up in the streets hours ahead of time.


There were vendors with food and “souvenirs.” There were people handing out coupons to nearby businesses. There were Jesus-sign people. I’m pretty sure one of them said “God loves. God hates.” Not sure what that’s about it. I steered clear except to snap a quick photo.


The parade included plenty of great floats, lots of marching bands, the Indy 500 drivers, Mario Lopez, Dick Vitale, and my personal favorite, huge inflatable cartoon characters. They are just so silly! I love seeing Sponge Bob floating above buildings.

IMG_1026 (Mario and his pretty face are in the red car.)

IMG_1049 (Best Memorial Day-themed float.)


Although it was ridiculously hot, rude people stood right in front of us from time to time, and our feet hurt from standing so long, we had a great time. I imagine we’ll be back next year unless it’s raining.


I should also mention that we visited Mass Ave this weekend for lunch. It is such a cute little area. We’ll definitely have to make our way up there again to check out the shops. We went to the Old Point Tavern. The menu is pretty extensive for a pub. I expected burgers and greasy sandwiches, but they had plenty of salads and cold sandwiches listed. And, to my surprise, they didn’t have any burgers! I had the chicken nachos, which had been recommended by a friend. They were huge and spectacular. They could definitely be shared by a few people, but I ate them all myself. Well, I didn’t eat them all, but pretty close. I was in pain on the walk home.


Written by Lisa

May 27, 2009 at 5:36 pm

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