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A few years ago I got my nose pierced. I always wore just a small stud and really liked the way it looked on my face. But about a year ago I lost the one I was wearing and just decided to leave my hole empty. I was 25, after all. Too grown up for a nose ring anyway. Besides, I had always heard that if you leave a nose ring out for more than a couple days the hole will grow together. So I figured there was no going back (unless I re-pierced it).

But yesterday, nearly a year after I stopped wearing a nose ring, I discovered that my hole is still empty! I was checking myself out in the mirror and realized that I could still see the hole. I wondered if it was just a scar that I was seeing or if the hole was still there. So I stuck an earring in there, and voila! A hole! It went all the way through! Nuts.

So maybe I’ll start wearing a nose ring again. We’ll see.


Written by Lisa

May 22, 2009 at 2:42 pm

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