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Midterm Evaluations

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I asked my students to complete a midterm evaluation this week. First of all, midterm?! We’re at midterm?! Eek! But, yes, it appears that we have reached that point in the semester. I’m pretty much freaking out about the amount of work that I need to get done and the lack of titina_feyNBCime available to do it. But, that’s not the point.

The point is, I wanted to get some sense of how the students were feeling about the course. Particularly, I wanted to know if there were any major problems that I need to address when we still have time to right the ship.

Luckily, there were no big surprises. The feedback was generally positive, and the suggestions they gave were ones I anticipated. Given the number of students suggesting the same things, though, I am considering making some adjustments to the course. I have preferences for the way I teach and the way that I organize the course and individual lectures. But we’re all in this together. It is a give and take, to some extent. I am willing to meet them halfway.

I did receive one unexpected comment, though. One student said I look like Tina Fey.

I’m not sure that I agree, except that we both have brown hair and glasses. I just hope that I am more reminiscent of the Liz Lemon version of Tina Fey than the Sarah Palin version.


Written by Lisa

February 26, 2009 at 9:09 am

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