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the journey is the reward.

There’s something about tea…

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…that makes me feel more scholarly. Or, rather, the good kind of scholarly.

I have two images of brainy folks in my head. One is full of coffee and the other tea.

Coffee-intellectual is sleep-deprived and not sure if she ate anything more than a scone today, but wide awake and jittery thanks to a pot of strong coffee. She’s hunkered over the desk, surrounded by piles of unorganized books and papers, scribbling away. She’s working right up to the deadline. Chaotic and stressed.

Tea-intellectual is well-rested, has just finished a bowl of homemade soup, and is ready to tackle the neatly stacked pile of articles in front of her. She has soft music on in the background, pen in one hand and a cup of spiced chai in the other. She is just letting the ideas come to her. Calm and collected.  

I’m not sure why I have these two contrasting images in mind – or why they are associated with hot beverages. But, I realized when having a cup of tea a bit ago, that it flipped a switch for me. I felt productive all of a sudden.

I might just have to institute a daily tea-time for myself. Or multiple tea-times perhaps.


Written by Lisa

February 8, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Posted in Grad School

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