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A Favorite Thing

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Some days, you don’t even notice the little things. And other days, it’s the little things that keep you going.

I have been pretty annoyed at all the snow we’ve been getting lately. It’s put me in a funk. I’ve been dreaming of spring.

But today when I was walking from the car to the apartment, I noticed that the sound of snow under my feet was a little amusing.

When there’s a lot of snow, there’s not really any noise. But now that it’s melted a little and it’s been plowed a little, there’s just this thin, packed-down layer on top of the pavement. And it makes a squishy kind of sound that I can’t exactly describe in words, but it’s fun.

Or, at least it was fun today when I needed a pick-me-up and I was high on caffeine.


Written by Lisa

February 4, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Posted in Favorite Things

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